There are so many sources of things we should know, but how do we know who to follow
Some say that as bad as things already are, they’re going to get worse for tomorrow
There’s those that tell us of many and few and the gap that is growing between
What then will bring us together again to deal with all that we’ve seen.
Well it’s time now to see how our future will be, as awareness and knowledge combine
Vibration is moving us faster towards a new understanding of time
And as masses wake up to what’s been going on, and the truth breaks out whos’e in control
We can easily see, if we want to be free, that there’s far too much we still don’t know.
There are some that will tell you, and many agree, that our days here are quite short in number
There’s significant science that shows this is so. Does this not really make you wonder ?
If we know what’s been going on underground, how much wealth has been stolen and plundered
For those that are guilty of all that’s been done to leave us above and them under.


The question is why, ’cause we don’t really know. There’s so much that they’re not sharing
There’s far too many that simply don’t care, and too few that do and aren’t sharing
Our world’s in a mess, our freedoms are less, how can we go on believing
That all of our troubles will just go away and the masses can just stop their grieving.
Stop thinking that everything’s going to be fine. Wake up now and realize this is the time
It’s not only man that’s causing the threats. Mother nature is evening out all our debts
We can all just pretend that we don’t really know that what’s going on here, above and below
Has nothing to do with us, wherever we live, but real science and Truth have their answers to give.


It’s so obvious lately that things aren’t so good, we can all just pretend but I don’t think we should
If our days are all numbered, as some clearly say, where will we learn to find our new way
It’s all about sources, and how will we know, who to believe and where we should go
We can’t just ignore all the changes we see or expect to remain as we’ve always been.


There are many among us that really do see how important the future of mankind can be
But the numbers must change of those in control for their time is up now and they all have to go
Our systems are changing and bringing in good. All debts will be taken, as they surely should
But as good as it gets we must all understand, that soon much more water will take so much land,


And how will we live in this new world of ours? All colors and races together at last
Sharing and caring and giving our powers to making our future’s change from the past
Whoever we are and wherever we live we must never forget one thing
That to get we first must always give. What then can you bring ?