9 Lyrics

When is Then

When will the masses wake up to see what a mess our societies are in
Forcing most to suffer and few to prosper at their subject’s rule of hand
When will war be stopped forever so the lives of us all can be freed
Do we not understand ? Does all this secrecy really have to be?
There are many already doing the best that they can to enlighten the global masses
Of the endless agenda for a New World Order establishing their rule of our asses.

Pay strict attention to what you’re watching, there’s far more than meets the eyes
Understand that control can now be broken, please just open your eyes
It’s been almost forever but now is the time to switch from the dark to the light
To begin, at last, to celebrate the changing of wrong into right.

It’s not about you and me anymore it’s now up to us to decide
That our future on earth be equally shared with no one taking sides
Together, as families, but joined as one race, united both here and above
Sharing and caring and giving to get our blessed abundance of Love
As we raise our vibration collectively and the results begin to show
That our lives can be much more fulfilled again, just as they were long ago.

The People’s Voice, with David Icke, can put you straight again
Little Grandmother and the Rainbow Tribe on Youtube’s there to train
Watch and join Thrivemovement.org, and join Humanity’s Team
Follow the many following Eckert Tolle and learn about his NOW fame
Join care2.com with millions more, doing meaningful things online
Become Raelian at Rael.org and read, yes free, Intelligent Design.

The Purpose Fairy, Vishen’s Mindvalley, Natalie’s Mind Movies and so much more
All waiting there for those who choose to open up that door.
All the world’s people, wherever they are, must unite and ALL become W U N
Let’s make all Jacque Fresco’s practical dreams become real in his lifetime
RBE is the way our resources must be to satisfy all of our needs and our wants
Peter Joseph will tell you, in very clear terms, in his Zeitgeist series revelations
That we must work together to achieve a future that everyone will be happy to share
Because Aquarius is here and the light is shining on everyone who really cares.

What we are waiting for and have been forever is W U NDAY
W U NDAY is coming, as it always has been, since the beginning of time
We’re not alone here anymore and various species are wanting to meet
To prepare for this historic event we must all be united together to greet
Universal peace and understanding, a supernova of light shining oh so bright
Rejoicing and singing about the inevitable move from darkness into the light.