We all know abundance is there for the few
But what about all of our colors
When equality comes for all in our world
We can then be real sisters and brothers


It’s time, now, to wake up and recognize
All the bad that’s been haunting our lives
For redemption and reconcile to be applied
So our futures can be what we’d like


There’s been far too much suffering, murder and worse
That’s been covered, ignored and denied
We need this to stop but also to see
That no one can be colorblind


‘Cause our colors are equal and not black and white
The great spirits in all of us shine
Again, now is the time for us all to be free
United, W U N tribe, and aligned

Red, white and yellow, brown or black
Equal in everyone’s eyes
We must grow together, side by side
Holding hands with our heads held up high

As the world becomes smaller the closer we get
Integrating our difference in colors
Together we know that we’ll all overcome
The things that have happened to others.