CEREUS is the name of a project that was visualized in 1981 after being prompted by a wise man, to read Napoleon Hill’s blockbuster, THINK AND GROW RICH.

When I searched for the book I discovered the THINK AND GROW RICH ACTION PACK. The additional chapters added at the end of the ACTION PACK edition were exactly what was needed to prompt and comprise my 2020 visions (TV) for a better future for humans on our planet.

W U N is the perfect combination of our natural entities, Sun and Water. W U N is F U N !

W U N is more than a concept. It is also a planned music group that will perform concerts aboard CEREUS, my name for the vessel that Jacque Fresco, of the brilliant The Venus Project, visualized; that came to my attention, perfectly timed and particularly appropriate, for the CEREUS project.

To have this vessel built and utilized will promote our aligned visions: TVP, RBE, & W U N.

W U N represents World Unite Now, primarily because Wake Up Now is spoken highly of already, and so W U N became World Unite Now and www.WorldUniteNow.US was my original website, currently lapsed.

When we are ALL W U N there will no longer be ANY discrimination, or need for defense budgets, or military. No accidents or poverty, and all the basic needs of humanity will be answered with abundance, globally, as Neil Keenen and his K group, and `many others, particularly followers of www.thevenusproject.com, are planning, constantly.

                                                                It’s TIME NOW.
                                                                                                    W U NDAY IS coming.